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seabet myRoadside Environment

  • Being a socially and environmentally committed Organisation, TNRDC always give prime importance to :
  • maintain eco balance by planting trees extensively along the road projects as part of social responsibility and thereby enhancing seabet appthe scenic beauty of the Corridor
  • On a stand alone basis, ECR & IT Corridor Projects have green cover well over the mandatory requirement of 33.33% as per National forest Policy.



The concept / theme on “Five Elements of Nature” ,

  • The concept / theme on “Five Elements of Nature” , “Fire” element has seabet.iobeen selected at THIRUVANMIYUR JUNCTION


Artistic Display at Toll Plaza, ECR



Plant Massing for Roads

  • The success of a New Road, lies in the blend of good Engineering, Urban Design, and Landscape. These combine to fulfill all of the roles that a road has to play in an Urban Environment.
  • Plant leaves function seabet casinoas efficient gas exchange system. Their internal structure allows rapid diffusion of water soluble gases. and they can also remove pollutant from the air.
  • They are maintain properly Troposphre oxygen level
  • They are good absorbers of sulphur di oxide.
  • Road with trees have an SO2 level lower than UN GREEN ROAD.
  • Heavy roadside planting seabet asiain the form of shelterbelts can result in reduction in airborne lead





Night View of ITEL